⚡️ 001 - First Issue

Hello and welcome,

This is the first issue of my newsletter, I'm not totally sure what this will be about but I'm excited to get this started. First off let me introduce myself, my name is Billy. I'm a husband, father of two amazing girls, Head of design at an amazing agency called Headway, and I try to make indie games in my free time.

This newsletter will mostly cover product design topics and some of my other projects I'm working on here and there.

New Work on Dribbble

I posted some new artwork on Dribbble a few weeks ago. I've been heads down on a game project for a friend of mine so I haven't had a ton of time to work on my project. I did manage to get an idea that was stuck in my head for a while out and submitted it on Dribbble. I was going to push this up as an NFT but I'm still unsure about that space.

Wisconsin UX Talk in May

In May I'll be giving a talk focused on Information architecture in product design. Right now it's a loose idea but generally, I want to help designers handle different ways to look at their design process and walk through how we do things here at Headway. Keep an eye out on our Youtube channel.

Some New Music

I've been on an electronic kick lately. The Youtube channel HOR Berlin has been on constant rotation as during my head downtime. I don't get as many opportunities to just listen to music while I work so when I do I try to find some new stuff to listen to.

Strafe Blaster 2

I'm taking a quick break from working on my project, I just rounded out some work for a friend. I'm taking a week off before I jump back into polishing up that project. Before I fully jump back in I do have an art sample I want to try and put together for an upcoming idea. Once I wrap that I'll be back to working on Strafe Blaster 2. You can catch more frequent updates on my GameJolt page.

Until next time!